Friday, February 11, 2011

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Hello everyone and hello to all, how are you?
This week you can not miss the classic appointment with an openly gay singer and the singer that I have chosen today is somehow linked to a topical issue, since he recently said to be interested in becoming a father. .. In fact, today I'll talk about Will Young ...
Perhaps some of you remember him, because in the early 2000s had achieved a certain popularity in Italy. Maybe I'll be nasty, but I am inclined to think that all the promotion they had in our country was due mainly to the fact that he had been discovered by the British talent show POP IDOL, in a time when the talent show Italians were still in full swing and promotional had not yet launched the popular singer. Will Young definitely has the talent, but I think it is significant that - after the talent show Italians have started to get going - and suddenly disappeared from our radio and our rankings. He also decided to come out very soon (also to avoid any ex a bit 'greedy speculating upon him), and - coincidentally - after the launch with great fanfare in Italy where the yarn is really no more ... It will be a chance? Fortunately for him is not Italian, but English, and the United Kingdom has continued his career without any problems ... Among other things, the boy earns quite well and also does a lot for charity, so much so that he became ambassador to official approval of the Mood Foundation (which helps people with depression), the association Catch22 (who wants to retrieve the children grew in disadvantaged contexts) and The Prince's Trust (which provides support to poor children) ... A selfless guy, no doubt about it ... Altruistic and optimistic, at least judging by the song that I propose today, where we sing that anything is possible ...

Will Young - Anything Is Possible on MUZU .
What can I say? Probably his case is quite illustrative of what can happen in a modern nation, where if a gay guy won a talent show does not have to pretend to be straight, and where that is gay does not affect its credibility as a testimonial for associations, charities and so on. At this point I refrain from making comparisons, because it would really be like shooting the red cross.
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